HEX: A PvP strategy board game

The goal of the game is to cover as many spaces of the board with your color as possible. This is done by moving, jumping, and capturing your opponents pieces. You'll love it if you prefer board games with casual gameplay. 

The complete "How to Play" section is available on the main menu.

Game Features:

  • Casual and addictive;
  • One-finger gameplay - easy to learn, hard to master;
  • Mobile-friendly responsive design;
  • 1v1 PvP multiplayer;
  • If no players are online, bot will play with you. He is quite good;
  • 30 different maps;
  • Short matches: 5 - 10 min;
  • 8 emojis to react to your opponent's moves;

Upcoming Features:

  • Tournaments;
  • Hotseat mode for offline play;

No sign up required to play.


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i think that we need CHAT... like sending this emoticon..but would be nicer that i can say Hello Legend ,if i play with Danger , or some other player :D 

I'll think about that, thanks for the idea :)

we still need a chat :D

and is wird that some new people in day make sucha big scores ? 


its a great game... 
fast ,not easy :) 
would be nice to be downlodable version when not on internet :) 


Amazing game, pretty fun to play too. Congrats.


I wish you could choose the difficulty of the CPU you fight.

(1 edit)

Hi! Thank for your comment, I'm already working on "easy" version of the bot. It will be activated for the some count of first matches for each player.

I'm glad.


SUPER FUN! The only thing was is needs better graphics.  A black void is pretty boring, and it would be cool if their colors other then red and blue.